SolSmart TM Roof Top Solar Structure

The Smart Design for Roof Top Structure

Roof Top Structure

SolSmart is next generation of solar flat roof mounting system from Soltech. SolSmart system takes advantage of specialized coated steel, which give high corrosion resistance and excellent strength. Interchangeable and modular engineering design comply to all common PV modules and challenging roof tops, without your customisation or roof top penetrations. Part can be nested to simplified handling and easy shipping with stackability. Our innovative design eliminates complexity of installation and offers lowest cost of ownership throughout the life cycle of the project. High strength material and smart design make SolSmart a best choice for flat solar roof top mounting system.

Benefits of the SolSmart

Carefully Engineered

  • Innovative Engineering Design complying to International standards
  • High strength material to withstand high wind and snow loads
  • Interchangebility to enable use of your preferred PV modules
Ballasted flat roof system

Excellent Support

  • Optimum design layout
  • Trained installation team for faster deployment
  • Carefully designed and tested for performance

Price Effective

  • Lower price per-watt in class
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Lower shipping costs

Time Effective

  • Less part count allows for simplified engineering installation
  • Modular structure saves structure engineering time, works around hindrances/clogs
  • No user customization needed reducing lead times

Technical Parameter

System Solar PV - Ballasted flat roof system
Materials HDG/PG/Specialised coated steel
Dimensions 300mmx300mmx320mm (LxBxH)
Modules Type: Framed PV module
Size: Compatible with all modules (60/72 Cells)
Orientation: Landscape
Tilt Angle:5-10-15
Inter-Row Spacing: 300mm
Ballast Requirements Concrete block
Installed Weight 145-335 N/m2
Installation Time 15 Modules / person / hour
Code Compliance Wind Load:Meets IS:875 up to 50 m/s
Snow Load:Meets loads up to 3350 N/m
Seismic Load:Meets IS:1893 in all seismic zones