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SolTrack TM Solar Tracker

Horizontal Single Axis Tracker

SolTrack Single Axis tracker is self-powered, and hence doesn’t require any additional cabling at site. The entire system has been designed keeping plug and play philosophy in mind which allows easy installation without any welding requirement. The structure is designed to withstand 180KMPH wind loads as per IS 875: 1987 & ASCE 7-10. Seismic loads are taken care as per IS 1893 : 2002 & ASCE 7-10 yet keeping the structure weight to minimum. SolTrack SAT comes with Auto Stowing features and its mechanical components have been tested for 25 year to ensure reliability. The wireless integration helps control and monitor the tracker’s critical parameters with minimal cabling. The smart controller is compatible to site SCADA and provides real time monitoring of the tracker system.

Single Axis Solar Trackers offers lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) with nearly 15-20% increase in power generation as compared to fix mounting structure with modest increase in upfront cost, approximately 10% of setting up a solar PV power project. With continuous falling of feed in tariff, single axis solar tracker provide competitive edge over the fix mounting structure.

SOLTECH SAT V.1 Self Powered Tracker

Salient Technology Features

Flexible block array configuration

  • 15 – 20% increase in energy yield
  • < 10% increase in Capex
  • Payback around 3-4 years

Controller Layout Architecture

  • Master Slave Topology
  • Capable to integrate 256 slave with single master
  • Secure wireless communication
  • Compatible with all type of RTU/SCADA integration over modbus

Self-Powered Tracker Controller

The self-powered Tracker controller design eliminates complexity of arranging AC/DC power source for drive operation. The inbuilt features allows a single PV module to charge the controller with autonomy of 2 days.

High Reliability and Low Maintenance

The SOLTECH design is done with utmost care, keeping in mind 25 years of life for tracker structure & its operations, ensuring low maintenance.

Design Flexibility

The linkage based SolTrack Single Axis Tracker provides flexibility of block size suited to the field topology and reduces numbers of Tracker controller & allied components. Special design for higher block size can be designed as per project requirement.

Rapid Installation

No requirement of field welding and easy installation reduces time and cost.

Smart Monitoring

Real time monitoring and SCADA compatibility helps O&M personal to monitor system health thus maximizing uptime.

Service Support

At SOLTECH you get the best attention and prompt support for any service related matter. Our technical team shall be pleased to assist you on all working days.

“Another big advantage of solar power is that the power source is free. While oil must be drilled, and coal and uranium must be mined, the source for solar power is simply sunlight. And unlike fossil fuels, the costs of solar energy never rise.”

Technical Parameter

Tracking Block Size 200 ~ 250 KWp
Module Configuration 1 Module (72 Cell) in Portrait
No. of Modules per Row 40 Nos.
No. of Rows 15 ~ 20
Rotating angle +45º ~ -45º
Tracker Block Area 3895 m2
Tracker Block Dimension 2646 sq.m ~ 3591 sq.m
Piles per Block 120 ~ 160
No. of Blocks per MW 4 ~ 5
Slope Acceptance Up to 5˚ E-W
Land Requirement per MW* 5 ~ 5.5 Acres
Tracking Algorithm SOLTECH Proprietary algorithm with back tracking
Temperature compatibility Up to 60 C
SCADA interface Master to RTU over MODBUS
Tracking Structure PG and HDG tracking parts with 525 GSM and 80 μ thickness respectively
Fasteners SS304 / KUN80
Drive Type Linear Actuator with Drives
Power Consumption < 300 KWH per MWp / Year
Geographical Co-ordinate accuracy GPS module ( Optional )